DETOX Your Lymph System

Natural Awakenings Magazine featured an article on how to DETOX Your Lymphatic System, by Laura Pfeffer of Circholistic LLC. Laura explains that we already have a free natural detox solution that continuously works for us around the clock to keep our … Continue reading →


Natural Awakenings Magazine featured an article on why Lymph is the Link to a Healthier You, by Laura Pfeffer of Circholistic LLC. Laura explains how most people are still unaware of the important role their lymphatic system plays in supporting overall … Continue reading →

Assisted Lymphatic Therapy

Dr. Jennifer Gardner Gramith, Naturopathic Doctor with a 17 year background in the medical field, specializes in Lymphatic Therapy. She briefly explains how the lymphatic system works and the benefits of using Assisted Lymphatic Therapy.  Read more… on what Dr. Gramith has to say about assisted lymphatic … Continue reading →

Antiperspirants and Bras restrict Lymphatic System

Find out why antiperspirants containing aluminum may contribute to breast cancer, and why wearing tight-fitting bras restrict your lymphatic system. In this article, Dr. Mercola also gives his view on mammograms (why he does not recommend them) and shares some … Continue reading →

Breast Care Through Lymphatic Therapy

Natural Awakenings Magazine featured an article about breast care through lymphatic therapy, where Samara Christy of Samara Programs Inc., noted that according to the American Cancer Society, every three minutes, a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States, … Continue reading →