TIPS to Reduce EMF Risk

Read these TIPS to reduce EMF Risk Despite all the literature and studies available, many people are still unaware of the risks associated with exposure to the man-made EMFs (ElectroMagnetic Fields) and RFs (Radio Frequencies). As opposed to natural EMFs, these artificial … Continue reading →

Getting Grounded can be Beneficial to your Health

Getting grounded can be beneficial to your health, according to many sources. In the article, Dr. Mercola explains how it works, and states this may be another healthy lifestyle habit that supports optimum health. Grounding is also known as Earthing, and has been shown to provide … Continue reading →

Positive Alternative Therapies in Healthcare (PATH)

Positive Alternative Therapies in Healthcare (PATH) is a non-profit educational organization established by concerned citizens, professionals and cancer survivors who were no longer content to watch their family and friends suffer from preventable and curable health problems.  PATH believes that … Continue reading →