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October is Breast Health Awareness Month, and your Lymphatic System plays an important role.

Everywhere I turn, I find that wellness experts with various backgrounds all seem to agree on the same fundamentals for preventing, coping with and beating cancer. Yes, it is possible, it can and has been done many times.  Address the cause, eliminate the things that fuel the growth of cancer cells, and improve lifestyle habits to include regular exercise, better diet, proper nutrition, and detoxification.

I read a great article that sums it all up in the October 2013 issue of  Natural Awakenings Magazine (Miami), Rethinking Cancer. As Raymond Francis (author of Never Fear Cancer Again) says, it is all about restoring the body’s biological terrain. Judy Seeger (doctor of naturopathy) points out that to maintain a healing alkaline environment, it is necessary to deal with the detoxification of both environmental and emotional toxins. Stress is toxic, it produces acid which weakens the immune system and creates an environment conducive for cancer development. Dr. Keith Block (“father of integrative oncology”) customizes patient care plans based on medical, biochemical, physical, nutritional, and psychosocial needs. In the article, he explains how “nutrients in food directly impact the mechanisms by which cancer cells grow and spread”. I agree with Susan Silberstein (BeatCancer.org), who says “Cancer begins in the spirit and ends up in the body”. The article concludes with the best strategy for killing cancer cells and stopping them from growing is one that naturally nurtures the body -structurally, chemically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually.

To read the full article, go to Rethinking Cancer.  (I will post the link when it becomes available from NAmiami)

Below you will find the links to information from two of my favorite, well respected health professionals, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Christine Horner. Both comment on their cancer prevention strategies and other lifestyle factors that affect cancer risk, such as:

  • cancer screenings: mammography’s radiation and thermography’s earlier detection, plus a new type of ultrasound called elastography
  • why wearing tight fitting or underwire bras restrict your lymphatic drainage
  • why Antiperspirants containing aluminum may contribute to breast cancer

Another great cancer prevention strategy is to ensure your lymphatic system is running smoothly, as this is your natural defense to rid the body of cancer cells.

We all have cancer cells. The only way they get out of the body is through the lymphatic system. By decongesting your lymphatic system, you assist the body in doing what it was designed to do to keep you cancer free. With all the environmental toxins we are exposed to, our lymphatic system can and does become overwhelmed.

Electro-sound Lymphatic Decongestion is great for cancer prevention – congested lymph impairs the ability of the lymph nodes to release sufficient lymphocytes and macrophages needed to destroy the cancer cells in your body. Schedule an appointment today to ensure your lymphatic system is working effectively! 305-878-7612

Read the articles on what Dr. Mercola  and Dr. Horner say about their cancer prevention strategies:

How to Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk Naturally -Dr. Mercola’s latest interview with Dr. Christine Horner, breast cancer advocate and author of  Waking  The Warrior Goddess, shares her prevention strategies including what she believes are the best cancer screening tools available.

Antiperspirants and Bras impair lymphatic system  -understand why and how it can contribute to breast cancer, explained by Dr. Mercola.

Mammography Vs Thermography Controversy – understand why Thermographyis considered a better cancer screening tool for earliest detection of possible breast cancer, and other cancer prevention strategies shared by Dr. Christine Horner in her interview with Dr. Mercola.

Risks with new 3D Mammograms -Dr. Mercola explains the increased radiation risks with this new technology.

Unfermented Soy -what you need to know about SOY and how it relates to breast cancer, by Dr. Mercola.




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