officeAssisted Lymphatic Therapy (formerly referred to as electro-lymphatic therapy) is a gentle, light touch non-invasive technique for cleansing and detoxifying the lymphatic system, and promoting proper lymphatic flow which facilitates the body’s own ability to heal itself.

The session is relaxing, which helps relieve the stress that causes muscles to become tense and restrict lymphatic flow. I have found that clients often fall asleep during their session.

Many clients experience a boost in energy the next day, sometimes even the same day. Other clients have reported feeling lighter, having an increase in mental clarity, reduced breast tenderness, reduced viral load, and having a healthier glow.

Some clients experience more profound results, and are encouraged to share them on this page. Read their testimonials below, especially Elizabeth’s story (December 2015) as she shares her 6 week journey with me.

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Electro-Lymphatic Therapy Testimonials — 9 Comments

  1. I decided to try electro-lymphatic therapy because my holistic doctor urged me to. This past summer, I was experiencing severe discomfort in the armpit area and aches and pains in my torso, back, and neck. In the last year, I suffered whiplash from a car accident, been sick four times, and fractured my foot/ankle on a set of stairs. I also suffer from autoimmunity. From those traumas and from just being sedentary while I was trying to heal, I’m sure I had lymph congestion. Electro-lymphatic therapy was the missing piece in my healing journey.

    The first time I spoke to Laura, I knew I was in good hands. She took so much time to educate me and put me at ease about what I could expect. However, the results have been far beyond anything I expected. I say this without any exaggeration. This is a life-changing and potentially life-saving experience that can benefit anyone. I was already living a healthy lifestyle. Every test any regular doctor gave me indicated I was indeed in good health, but unfortunately, there is not enough attention paid to the important role the lymphatic system plays in our overall health. I know now that I was on a precipice. In just two months of weekly sessions, I feel like the younger, vibrant woman I used to be. All my aches and pains are gone, and already my body has passed the test at work with children who are always sick. I am indebted to Laura, her knowledge, her patience, and her kindness. I can’t say enough about how valuable this experience has been. I am very grateful to her and my holistic doctor who wisely recommended her. Everyone should be giving their lymphatic system TLC regularly.

  2. Laura is a skilled practitioner of Assisted Lymphatic Therapy. I first learned of Laura during her presentation at Miami PATH, which for almost 30 years was the largest holistic health organization in South Florida. Laura also served on the Board of Directors of PATH.

    I have had a number of treatments with Laura. Sometimes our lymphatic system needs some help, and Laura is good at interpreting what is happening with your body. It is helpful for you to bring your own observations to a session as well. If you do, you will find that Laura draws on her very broad background and can interact thoughtfully with information you share with her. She is intelligent, well-informed, and gives you her full attention during a session.

    Laura also brings a wide-ranging interest in many aspects of holistic health to her sessions. In addition, she is skilled with essential oils. If you do your part, Laura will have much to offer you.

    Laura has a good heart, and is warm, caring, and very thorough in her approach to your situation. I wholeheartedly recommend her for this valuable treatment.

    Wishing You Much Success and Happiness in Your Future Endeavors,

    Gary Roush

  3. I have had two excellent treatments with Laura!… she is an exceptional therapist with amazing skills and a dedication that is hard to find anywhere in the world!… I can highly recommend her therapies and will be back for more in the future!!!

  4. I began seeing Laura December of 2015. I had a history of chronic throat infections most of my childhood and during a period in my thirties as well. I have had chronic headaches for the last 20 years. I have been having almost weekly treatments with Laura for the last four months, and I have to say that I did not get a cold this year or any sign of a sore throat. I usually have at least two. My headaches are also much better as they come less often. Sometimes I forget to drink enough water and if I do get one, they are not nearly as strong as they use to be. Laura is very thorough and a kind and gentle person.

  5. Laura is awesome! I’m so happy and grateful that I found Laura and invested in therapy with her!
    I was having some major health issue due to some serious lymph congestion. My problems were so bad I could barely function. I went from doctor to doctor for months and no one could figure out what the problem was. I decided to try this therapy and after the first one I saw a difference so I kept going. Laura took the extra time with me and made sure to focus on the problem areas. My issues are now gone!!! I really can’t thank her enough!!! She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she cares to help people.
    If you are having issues due to lymph, give her a try! I promise you won’t regret it!!!!

  6. Finding Laura and going through electro lymphatic therapy with her was the best thing I could of ever done for myself, it was so worth it! Best place to kickstart for better health and wellbeing! Laura is the best, she’s extremely knowledgable, a great listener, and she helped me connect and understand the root causes of my health issues. I always am at ease in her sessions, she genuinely wants to help others, she has a gentle way and takes the extra time to focus on your areas of need, she is a true healer! I always look forward to her sessions because they are so relaxing I almost fall asleep by the end. The results really show the effectiveness of treatment, I was amazed at how my water retention and breast swelling diminished from therapy, not to mention all the toxins I felt I was finally letting go of. I got along with Laura right away because we both believe in treating the body as a whole and holistically. I am 25 and I have literally gone through a whirl wind of health issues and finally after many doctors could not seem to help I turned to alternative healing and I could not be happier I did! Now I am almost certified as a Holistic Health Coach and switched careers from previously being in Travel Sales. I had been wanting to try this therapy for some time, ever since my lymph nodes in different areas of my body, including one in my breast became infected and swollen from a really bad flu I was going through, (this reaction had never happened to me in my life when I was just sick, it really freaked me out, I didn’t even know where my lymph nodes were until they actually got swollen), and I just knew my body was just so overwhelmed and stressed from work my body wasn’t functioning properly. I wanted to understand the importance of the lymphatic system on my overall health and I learned that it is our bodies pipe and drains basically, and if it clogs up and gets sluggish disease and sickness often occur. I had read about lymphatic drainage massages and considered it, but then I had read that electro therapy is 8x more effective than a lymphatic massage. I saw the ad for free session at Circholistic and I said what do I have lose? Going in I knew all the benefits of having achieving a well functioning lymphatic system, I was eager to try and felt that I desperately needed to assist my body in some way to see if some of my monthly challenges could find relief. I definitely went in with a lot of water retention, monthly swelling in my breasts, daily fatigue, sinus congestion, sluggish digestion with bloating which i just kind of learned to live with. After my first session, Laura said I was really sticky and was sign of stagnation in my lymphs..I went home feeling drowsy which is normal after and very thirsty also normal, I didn’t anticipate all the changes that would occur but I embraced them and knew I was finally cleansing my system. I originally wanted to just try one session or 2 but after my second session I started to notice I wasn’t holding on to as much water and I was finally going number 2 more often and I was actually LOSING WEIGHT, I decided to go the whole 6 weeks. By the end I have 0 tenderness or swelling in my breast during menstruation and I cannot believe it, this is the way our body should be working. I plan to go back to Laura come spring, the lymphatic system is far more important than we were ever taught and needs to be the first thing treated before anything! If you are starting with Laura, I definitely encourage sticking it out the whole process! I feel strongly that the importance of lymphatic maintenance is undervalued and is the key to optimum health, when your lymphs work better everything works better! I had a really great experience and will be a life-time customer!
    A doctor I admire and refer to wrote this article and discusses the beauty of our lymph system! hope it helps anyone! Wishing everyone good luck on their health journeys!

  7. Laura was very professional and accommodating. I truly didn’t know what to expect for my first electro-lymphatic therapy, but I’m glad I did it! Although there wasn’t manual stimulation like in a typical massage, the slight hum of the machine really put me at ease; I felt very relaxed!
    I had an awesome result after my 1st treatment: Sound Sleep! I hadn’t slept so profoundly in months! I also noticed a slight decrease in breast tenderness, which was a nice surprise. I definitely look forward to more sessions with Laura!

  8. I had 6 sessions with Laura. She was very professional and taught me a lot about the importance of the lymphatic system and how its maintenance is crucial to my over all health. After the first session I felt tired, I think because my lymphatic system was not used to the treatment. But after that, the following weeks I felt a renewed energy I had not felt in a long time. I also felt more focused. To my surprise most of my breast tenderness went away too! I know this treatment is used to solve specific issues but I will be doing it to give my lymph a boost every so often. Thank you – Laura

  9. I ate lobster to celebrate an event with friends and got a huge allergic reaction. My throat was swollen, my lymph nodes were the size of walnuts, my throat was closing and I was in pain when I swallowed anything. After taking medication for 5 days, I was still unable to eat anything not processed thru a blender. I took one session with Laura and within a few hours, my throat opened up, the lymph nodes shrank to a pea size, the soreness went away and I was able to eat a normal meal that evening.
    I just wish I had done it sooner… Sophie D. Oviedo Fl

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