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barefootGetting grounded can be beneficial to your health, according to many sources. In the article, Dr. Mercola explains how it works, and states this may be another healthy lifestyle habit that supports optimum health. Grounding is also known as Earthing, and has been shown to provide an antioxidant effect. Some of the benefits are:

  • relieve pain
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve sleep
  • enhance well-being

Free radical stress depletes our body of electrons. Grounding can help offset the negative effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation from electronics (cell phone, computers, WIFI) that we come in contact with every day.

You can get the benefits from grounding by walking in leather-soled shoes, but going barefoot is the best way. Best grounding surfaces are:

  • beach sand
  • grass or soil
  • concrete and brick (not painted or sealed)
  • ceramic tile

Surfaces that will NOT ground you are asphalt, wood, rubber or plastic, tar or tarmac.

Check out earthing.com for a variety of grounding products, simple mat for home use is about $60.

Read the full article and find out a little trick for grounding yourself while on an airplane: Grounded


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