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Dr. Joseph Mercola, well known alternative physician, advises on wiser lifestyle choices. He explains why New 3D Mammograms may triple your radiation exposure, and points out that two of the greatest mammogram risks are high radiation exposure and compression of breast tissue, which potentially causes cancer cells to spread. While mammograms are promoted as the best way to prevent death from breast cancer, studies apparently suggest otherwise.  In his article, he lists his top breast cancer prevention strategies, which are all very practical. One of the tips is to avoid consuming unfermented soy products (find out why by following his link to another article, also posted in my archives: Unfermented Soy Products and and Breast Cancer)

Furthermore, Dr. Mercola confirms what many people and physicians already know: if your immune system is healthy and strong, it is capable of ridding your body of tumors, even cancerous ones. Nearly everyone has cancerous and precancerous cells in their bodies, but not everyone develops cancer. The better you take care of your immune system, the better it will take care of you.

Two healthy solutions to consider are Breast Thermography (as an alternative to breast mammograms), and Electro-sound  Lymphatic Therapy (as a preventive measure for stimulating your immune system).

read the rest of Dr. Mercola’s article and also read my web page on how electro-sound lymphatic therapy can help boost your immune system


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